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About Us

About us

Halicoglu is a leading company in several fields since its establishment, it has set its goal to provide its services to all people who need the best services and at prices suitable for their financial capabilities, so we have worked hard to reach you in order to benefit from our services and what we offer you.

Our services:

Real Estate Marketing

We at Halicoglu are considered one of the first companies working in real estate marketing, so we help you find the property that fulfills your ambitions. Our relationship with most of the Turkish engineering construction companies has allowed us to know most of the Turkish construction projects in addition to our constant monitoring of the market fluctuations as well as the legal changes resulting from the civil development in Turkey.

Thus, after more than 9 years of experience in the field of real estate marketing and due to the slogan raised by Halicoglu, which is customer satisfaction and gaining their trust, it has achieved distinguished successes in the previous years, which has earned it the reputation we are proud of before the world and other companies.

Importing and exporting

Halicoglu's experience in the Turkish market is excellent and extends over years, and its reputation which has reached the horizons of good relations and customer satisfaction has enabled it to gain the trust of many merchants and entrepreneurs in the world who deal with it by importing from Turkey for all Turkish raw materials, products, brands or production lines and machinery

Education and Universities

Our experience in the field of education is nothing less than our experience in any of the fields.we are fully aware of the student's legal needs for admission to Turkish universities and are also aware and knowledgeable of his logistical needs if he comes to study in Turkey . Therefore, we provide our services from the very beginning of the student's decision to study in Turkey to graduate from Turkish universities, and we always remember that we are ready to provide any help or advice in the educational field to the student at no cost and for any academic year.

medical services

You know, dear reader, that Turkey is advanced in the medical field and due to our knowledge of the best hospitals in Turkey and our full knowledge of the best doctors, we at Halic oglu offer you our services in the medical field. Your feet land at the airport until you leave the Turkish territory

Tourism Services

We also offer our services in the field of tourism due to our knowledge and familiarity with the best historical and tourist places in Istanbul, and our summer and winter tourism and entertainment programs have met with customer satisfaction

Legal and accounting services


Our company's team of lawyers and accountants are the best people who know the Turkish laws perfectly and therefore we offer you this service which will help you a lot if you want to open a company or a business in Turkey, making things much easier for you and saving money and efforts.

Halic oglu started its activities and work in 2012 and was registered in the commercial register in 2016 with the number 5-44357 and its tax number is 4550384235.

Halic oglu has a registered trademark in his name Istanbul Happy Home, this trademark is only specialized in real estate and real estate marketing

Registered organizations for Halic oglu

Chamber of Commerce

Ministry of Finance

Turkish Businessmen Authority

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